DuraJet™ Anodized Aluminum Printing



Anodized Aluminum Printing


The Direct Color Systems Direct Jet solvent inkjet printers* allow you to print full-color, photo-quality images, logos and text directly onto anodized (open-pore) aluminum. Anodized aluminum printing has never been so effective or fast. Applications for anodized printing include barcodes, signage, plaques, awards, labels and panels.


Use your Direct Jet printer in conjunction with DuraJet™ open-pored aluminum from Horizons Imaging Systems Group for revolutionary sub-surface color printing on anodized aluminum. This imaging system allows you to digitally create durable, full-color images on anodized aluminum and subsequently seal the image under the anodized layer, making it virtually impervious to abrasion, chemicals, moisture, humidity and salt spray. Anodized aluminum printing has been challenging in the past, but DuraJet™ makes the process long-lasting and simple.


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